Mission Statement

as-salām ‘alaykum,

The mission of Discerning Islam (DI) is quite simple: it is to help others to discern or understand Islam and to help familiarize people with Islamic eschatology, or the end times according to Islam.  Islam is not difficult to know, it is just that some of the elements are a bit strange to the Western way of thinking.  Once these elements are put in order and described, it becomes much easier to understand.  Any difficulty that may arise will most likely come from Shari’a, Islamic Law.  This is because there are several Islamic schools of  jurisprudence, all submitting their own interpretations.

Furthermore, we want to be a tool of the church, enabling pastors, assistants, associates, and  teachers to speak with more certainty about the differences between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  Hopefully, you will find that order, clarity, and enablement from Discerning Islam.

There are a number of other good websites for gleaning information on Islam.  So, what makes Discerning Islam different, and why another website?

§  These sites are good for what they do, but they have a different focus;

§  The ones I am aware of are non-profits and seek to raise financial support;

§  Some only report news items on radical Islam’s atrocities around the world;

§  Several may offer to sell goods and/or services (books, apparel, videos, etc.).

So, with all the content, all the profiles, all the maps, all the blogs – our bottom line is still the same – present Islam in such a way that it is understandable.  Period.  All that we have is free, to verifiable and registered individuals and entities.  This is necessary for the safety and security of all.

This website is not meant to be a source of hate of any race, nationality, or religion.  It is meant to be a source for educating those who wish to know more about Islam and Muslims.  It is also meant to be a source for educating all, about the atrocities committed by radical Muslims who do so in the name of Islam.

A few more things to know about Discerning Islam: we are not a for-profit venture; our downloads and other presentations are free of charge.  Neither are we a non-profit, or para-church ministry; there are no funds to raise, no missionaries to support.  However, if live, personal presentations are requested, travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses are expected to be covered.

Jesus said to the twelve:

“And proclaim as you go, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand’ . . . You received without paying; give without pay.  Acquire no gold or silver or copper for your belts, no bag for your journey, or two tunics or sandals or a staff, for the laborer deserves his food and is worthy of his wages.”

Matthew 10:5a, 7, 8b, 9, 10 English Standard Version (ESV)

alaykum as-salām

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Jay A. Lykins, Ph.D.

Jay has a background in Islamic Studies and has worked throughout the 10/40 Islamic world for over 25 years, from Morocco to Indonesia.  In addition to living in the United States, he has lived in Saudi Arabia (1 yr.), Iraq (1 yr.), Azerbaijan (1 yr.), Jordan (3 mo.), Kuwait (1 mo.), Israel (2 yr.), Republic of Georgia (3.5 yr.), Zimbabwe (3.5 yr. ), Panama (1 yr.), Haiti (1 yr.), and China (3.5 yr.) – as a missionary, a Foreign Service Officer, and in early childhood.  In addition, he has worked and/or traveled to Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and 47 other countries for a total of 68 countries.

Jay is a retired Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State; during his career he has also worked for General Electric, AT&T, and has been self-employed.  He was the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization, Global Reach, whose mission was to come along side and train young entrepreneurs, assisting them in starting businesses in the first world and the Two-Thirds World, so that they might run their business based on biblical principles of business, enabling them to provide employment in their local communities and to support their places of worship.  Jay has worked under contract, training entrepreneurs, for such organizations as Young Life (YL), Operation Mobilisation (OM), Youth With A Mission {YWAM), Presbyterian Church in America/Mission to the World {PCA/MTW), Partners International (PI), World Vision International (WVI), Scripture Union, World Concern (WC), and others.

His education includes an honorary degree from the School Of Hard Knocks, a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (English, Bible, Business, and History – Medieval History and The Crusades) from Covenant College – 1973; an MBA in Third World Economic Development – 1986; and a Ph.D., in Islamic Studies (Oil,Gas, and Banking – Business Practices), Oxford, UK – 1988.

He and his wife, Lynn, now live in Estes Park, Colorado.  They have three grown children and six grandchildren.  Jay became a Christian in 1969; he is of the Reformed Faith, and is currently an inactive elder of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).