222 – 001


222 - 001

Muhammad Ibn ʿAbd


Muammad Ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb was a Saudi Arabian conservative theologian and reformer.  Born in 1703 in al-ʿUyaynah in Najd, Ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb belonged to a prestigious family of jurists, both theologians and qāīs (judges).  Under the tutorship of his father, young Muammad studied anbalī jurisprudence and read classical works on tafsīr (exegesis), adīth (tradition), and tawīd (monotheism).  In his early twenties, he began to denounce what he described as the polytheistic beliefs and practices of his society, rejecting its laxity and insisting on strict adherence to the sharīʿa.


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