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Islam has been an important part of American life for the last eight decades, going back at least to the 1940’s, although history indicates Muslims have actually been a part of our country’s founding from the eighteenth century.  However, since what is now called “radical Islam” has made its debut on the world stage, it has become even more important, but in a way all of us wish did not exist . . . terrorism – domestic and international.  One doesn’t have to look very far to see its impact; just take a trip, arriving at your local airport.  The impact can be seen from the time one arrives at the drop-off point where security urges us all to speed things up and move along, information required at check in – picture ID – going through the security lines – take off your shoes, remove your belt, take off your jacket, empty your pockets – right up to the time of boarding . . . show your ID again.  Then, when one arrives at their destination, it continues right up to the time one gets in a vehicle under the departure signs at curbside – close the gap, no standing, and hurry along again.

But, what is Islam?  Is it a religion?  Is it a political movement?  Is it both?

DISCERNING ISLAM hopes to help answer these question and others as well.  This will be done in several ways: first, start with a visit to the ABOUT page – here you will find a Mission Statement and Bio.

Next, under the drop-down menu labeled WHAT IS ISLAM?, you will find course-like text similar to the headings you would find for college or university courses.  Under the 100 section will be basic, introductory information.  The section marked 200 will be similar, only delving a bit deeper into the subjects.  Sections 300, 400, etc., will do the same, but provide you with more specific, targeted topics, including ISIS/ISIL, and Islamic Eschatology, or the end times according to Islam.

The section labeled EVENTS CALENDAR is meant to show dates and locations where presentations, seminars, speaking engagements, etc., are scheduled to take place.

DOWNLOADS is where you will find presentations available in MS PowerPoint.  New topics will be added from time to time, and you should feel free to suggest topics.  These presentations will only be available for download to registered users; this is for safety and security.  To register, see the drop-down menu labeled REGISTRATION.

The drop-down menu labeled COUNTRY PROFILES & MAPS  is where you will locate profiles on various Islamic countries and countries where Muslims represent a significant portion of the population, either in number or sphere of influence.  These profiles will be linked to the CIA’s World Factbook and/or the State Department’s List Of Countries along with Maps of the world, regions, countries and what is known as the 10/40 window.

The section labeled VIDEOS & MOVIES & BOOKS includes VIDEOS with links to mostly YouTube pieces on various topics of Islam or in some way representative of Islam.  The MOVIES section will provide a list of movies which take place in the Middle-East or have an Islamic theme.  The list will include a synopsis of the movie, a rating according to Amazon.com or the International Movie Database (IMDB.com), parental guidance rating, and other relevant information.  BOOKS will list relevant book topics and will be a growing document as will the other two sections.  Please feel free to offer your own selections to be added to these topics.

Next is NEWS & BLOG.  In the NEWS section will be current postings from sources around the world on the activities, aggressions, and atrocities committed by the jihadists of Radical Islam.  The BLOG will be various commentaries on Islam.

The SUPPORT & CONTACT button will be where you can submit any difficulties you may be having with downloads, ask questions, request topics, or make comments.

Last is the REGISTRATION drop-down menu.  Why register?  This is for safety and security reasons.  All registrants are reviewed before given approval.  It is simply a means of knowing where our material is being used and by whom.

Please be patient with our website growth.  There is a world of information to post and man-hours are limited.  Populating each site with content will take time.


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